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Profile Projectors .com provides you high quality profile projectors and optical comparators for your manufacturing and quality control needs. With our profile projection equipment, you can easily view, measure, project, and draw complex contours and profiles. The large viewing projection screen is a great tool for teaching and demonstrating to all participants in the classroom. Each profile projector is selectable between incident (top) and contour (bottom) lighting. The projected contour can easily be traced or compared on a drawing held to the large projection screen by the included document holder clips.

The applications for profile projectors and optical comparators vary. The main principle of operation is a specimen is placed on the glass stage. The stage is then illuminated from below and the resulting image is picked up by the microscope objectives and projected to a large built -in projection screen. Since the specimen has underlighting, the fine microscopic details are eliminated and only the details of the contour and profile are seen. A drawing can be affixed to the profile projector's large viewing screen and the contour can be easily traced or compared to other profiles and contours on other drawings.

Our line of profile projectors and optical comparator microscopes also have the built-in ability to view detailed surface features using incident (reflected) illumination from above. Simply switch the illumination from contour (profile) mode to reflected mode. In this method, the profile projector performs similar to a normal low power stereoscopic projection microscope.

We encourage you to contact our technical sales office today to speak to one of our trained support staff about your particular manufacturing or inspection application and how our profile projectors and optical comparator microscopes will meet your needs.







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