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Model PP-3000, DRS, DPS and PP-350DR, DRA and DP can be upgraded with CimProj Profile Projector Software for US$ 1510.

Screen shot of CimPROJ
CimPROJ is a comprehensive PC-based retrofit package for Profile Projectors. It can be integrated with all kinds of Profile Projectors - Manual, Semi-automated and Automated (DCC). CimPROJ consists of PC-based graphical measurement software and standalone hardware for interfacing linear scales, optical edge-sensors, joystick and drives.
In addition to standard measurement features, CimPROJ provides several advanced features such as
- Automated measurement
           - Graphical display of measured entities
           - Direct input of nominal values from AutoCAD ( DXF ) files - Reverse Engineering
           - Teach and Playback
           - Flexible reporting
           - Storage of measurement data in XML format
           - Hand-held terminal to operate the software from near the machine

CimPROJ provides all the typical features required for measurement of components. This includes measurement of geometric features, constructions, calculations, alignments etc.

CimPROJ can measure geometric entities from probed points. CimPROJ allows previously measured features to be used in geometric constructions. These help in indirect measurement of features that cannot be directly measured.
- Point        - Line        - Circle        - Ellipse        - Rounded Slot        - Rectangular Slot

Calculations, component alignment, tolerances, display of entity details, element stack, online reports, measurement data storage, graphical display of entities, automated measurements & customised report formats are some of the very powerful features of CimPROJ. (Kindly contact us for complete details)

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